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Ignite is a student run global health organisation and is linked to AMSA Global Health, targeting global health education at Medical Students. We work with global health groups all around Australia and overseas to create sustainable health initiatives and introduce the medically oriented to education and advocacy within the field. We also run many events and support a wide range of subcommittees, which cover specific interest areas in further detail. 

Ignite was founded in 2004 by a group of passionate and motivated Monash University medical students, and has since continued to grow and expand our reach. We run a variety of events and provide educational resources that are accessible to all students! 



To work in partnership with local and international communities in the creation and ownership of sustainable health initiatives.



We value sustainability, empowerment and integrity in projects and aim to work in a cost-effective way to achieve our objectives.


We will take an informed approach and operate with humility and cultural, gender and religious awareness and sensitivity.



To inspire, empower and network people (primarily health students) to advance global health standards and engage health students in their education.



1. To educate others about global health issues.

2. To support and foster our passion to create sustainable global health improvements.

3. To provide avenues for practical involvement in communities with major health needs.

4. To empower members to respond to global health concerns.

5. To support partners through raising money and promoting their work.

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