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Ignite Launch Event

Held annually, our launch event this year was a major success. The event was held on 26 March 2020, with the theme being Infectious Diseases (ID), where we invited four stellar speakers to educate fellow Monash students on COVID-19. Our speakers were Dr. Naomi Whyler, an ID registrar who shared her experiences of looking after Victoria's first COVID-19 patient; and Mr Neal Smith, who talked about his research towards creating new model structures that are easily adaptable to different infectious diseases and input datasets. Dr, Patricia Campbell educated everyone on epidemiological analysis and mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, while Dr. Ola Morrissey shared her knowledge on the then-current widely spreading COVID-19. Despite the constraints of an online event, we managed to reach a total of 2000+ viewers! A massive thank you to MIGA who sponsored or event as well!

Click here for our facebook event page.


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